Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching Up!

Things around are house have been pretty busy, which has become somewhat normal during the month of May every year. Drew has been spending pretty much every spare minute he has (except during his work hours) studying for the Level III CFA Exam. We're counting down the days until June 6th around here!! Evan and I have been trying to stay busy as much as possible. It's obvious that Evan has realized that Daddy isn't around as much as he usually is, which makes it hard for everyone- especially Drew... But only a couple more weeks and it's over!! Evan and I went to Shipshewana last weekend with my parents for an afternoon away while Drew was studying. Here are a few pictures from that outing....
Riding the carousel in the Davis Mercantile... As you can see- this boy LOVES carousels!!
Taking a buggy ride with Papa... He wasn't too sure at first, but was all smiles when they got back...
Fun times :) He talked about this for a couple of days afterwards!
Looking all cute in his stripey pajamas...
Playing at his new picnic table... We've been eating lunch outside at his table every day that it's nice and he LOVES it!!
Look at this body!! He looks so cute in his new shark pajamas :)Fish lips... His new favorite thing...

Thought I would include a movie of the little guy jabbering away :)

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  1. Who loves that little boy named Evan Bradley Baker? I DO!!!