Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Busy!!

We're back!! Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but things have been a little crazy around our house. We've had several distractions and I haven't taken too many pictures of the little man lately... Drew has been very busy studying for the Level III CFA Exam... We will all be so happy when June 6th is here and gone and (Lord-willing) he will be DONE with all of this craziness! On another front, many of you may remember my post at the end of last year about the headaches I've been having... Well, they still haven't gotten any better. I've been seeing the chiropractor and it doesn't seem to be helping too much, so the next step is another CT scan (this time of my jaw). They're wondering now if I may have TMJ or something jaw-related that could be causing me all this pain. So we'll see.... Next step after all of this if we don't find anything is a neurologist.... We would appreciate your prayers as we muddle through this next month or so... Needless to say- we're very anxious here at the Baker household for things to resume as normal on both of these fronts... And of course, I couldn't end this post without pictures of the little man...

Playing at the park today with Aunt Laura...
This boy LOVES Aunt Laura!!
Guess who dressed him today?? Laura got this outfit and matching shoes for him for Easter- too cute!!
Last week at the park....
He loves the slide!!
Grandma Charna watched him a couple of weeks ago and they picked some flowers for mommy out of Great-Grandma Charlotte's flower garden.... He was so proud of the flowers he picked for me :)

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  1. Praying for you Ashley that God will show the doctors a solution for the headaches. Also, I couldn't help but notice Evan's hair in the last picture isn't standing up. Did you find a magic product? LOL... But it looks as though it is prob just a little wetted down. So cute!