Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Fun!

Well, we've been keeping pretty busy at the Baker house... Drew has made amazing progress on our basement (with help from both of our dads)... The main rec room is all painted and the floor is about halfway done... We hope to have the floor finished this weekend and then we're ready for the light fixtures and pool table!!! It's starting to get exciting watching it come together.. I'll post pictures soon! And of course we've managed to spend lots of time together as a family too... We just love this fall weather and playing outside :) Hope all is well with everyone in bloggerland!!
Playing Grammy's piano...
Eating supper down at the park....
Picnic at the park...
Bonfire... We've discovered that the baby monitor reaches outside into my parent's backyard.. So we can even enjoy a campfire after Evan is asleep!
Playing with his letters on the fridge.... These jammies are from Grandma Charna- aren't they so snuggly??

1 comment:

  1. I gave Trey the very same ones! He loved wearing them when he was here last time. He said they were soft.

    Since he liked them so much I bought him and London red ones with brown monkey faces to wear at Christmas. Snuggly, warm and so cute!

    Great pictures!

    I want to give you a Longaberger basket. Let me know when you are coming thru the big LA.