Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Holiday Weekend!!

Hello everyone! We had a great long weekend around the Baker house... We kept pretty busy between get-togethers with family, but also found some time to work around the house and a little time to relax! We've started to work on the basement and hope to have the main room in the basement (rec room/family room) finished within the next couple of months.. But that means we'll be very busy since we (well mainly Drew!) are doing most of the work ourselves with some help from family.... I've included some pictures of the little man that I've taken recently. It's a little harder to take pictures now that he's constantly on the move! He's crawling, pulling up, cruising, and walking behind things with only a little help now.. It's been fun!! Evan has his one year checkup tomorrow with his pediatrician and I'll update after that....Holding onto his blankie before bedtime.. It's become somewhat of a fixture around our house these days....
Bedtime stories...
Playing his new piano... He's had a blast with all of his new birthday toys!!

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