Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Times With Great Friends!!

This past week, a couple of my college friends and their little ones came to visit for a couple of days. We all have boys within 5 or 6 months of each other and this was the first time we've had them all together. I love these girls so much and feel so blessed to call them friends. We did lots of laughing together and catching up. Although it was a little chaotic at times with the 3 little ones, we had a great time and I look forward to seeing them again soon... Feeding the boys before we started eating... It was quite a process!!
Trisha and Elias, Julia and Ethan, Evan and I (the only way to keep Evan happy was to stick that silly pacifier in his mouth!)
Playing together on the floor!!
Elias pushing Evan's lion around.....
Big smile!!
Petting Lucy... Evan loves the kitties!! It always makes him laugh when he sees them and he loves to chase them around the house...
Peeking out the window to see Grammy and Grampy's house....
Swinging at the park!!

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