Sunday, August 10, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Well, it seems Evan is doing something new every day... This past week or so has been extra fun. He has learned how to sit up from being on his tummy. The first day he did it was Thursday and I saw him do it the first time and of course starting clapping and getting all excited. He probably did it 50-60 more times that day (and I'm not even exaggerating!) and EVERY time he looked at me and expected me to clap and make a big deal out of it... He knew he was a big boy! It was the cutest thing. Evan and I also went blueberry picking last week and he tried his first blueberry. It was a new experience and we all enjoyed ourselves. Other than that, we've just been working around the house and getting more accomplished. This week we plan to get the wood flooring in the kitchen and dining room so that will make a big difference... And for those of you who keep asking me, I promise to get pictures of our new house up here soon!!Eating is his happiest time of the day!
Blueberry picking!
Taking a snack break with Grampy while Mommy and Grammy finished picking blueberries...
Playing with his cousin Erin....
Big boy standing in his crib!
I love this smile :)
Cuddle time with Mommy. He's started to love cuddle time after his bath and right before bedtime... He never used to be a cuddler until recently. It makes my heart happy to snuggle with him when he's all clean and smells like a baby! There's nothing better than that!

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