Monday, December 10, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus!

The Ream girls went Christmas shopping last week in Ft. Wayne (Ashley, Laura, and Gramma Beth- oh and Evan too!) and Gramma just had to buy Evan a Santa suit.. He just looks so cute in it... It was a little more snug than we had hoped, so hopefully it still fits him at Christmas.. Here are some pictures we took....


  1. These pictures are a blessing to us! We love seeing Evan grow up even if it's just through the computer for now. =) We miss you!

  2. Hey, guys - These pictures are awesome!! Hey Drew you need to get a matching outfit and pose with Evan, that would be sweet, you guys could send out christmas cards together, hehe.
    No, but seriously Evan looks so great, he takes good pictures!

  3. Your little man is such a little love bug. Your Christmas cards are adorable.