Thursday, August 30, 2007


We were allowed to leave the hospital on Tuesday around lunchtime although we could have stayed an extra day if we needed to.... We were anxious to get home and I (Ashley) am feeling pretty good.... My recovery has definitely been different than I anticipated with having a c-section, but I'm well on the way to being back to normal... The delivery was very difficult and we encountered many "obstacles" along the way, but we're so thankful both Evan and I made it through with flying colors... Evan was posterior which meant that I had a lot of back pain during my labor and also meant that it made it even more difficult to dilate past 4 cm. Evan is a pretty stubborn little guy!! I also had to have 2 epidurals because the first one had a "faulty catheter" into my back which administered the medicine... It didn't have anything to do with how the anesthesiologist administered the epidural, but was unfortunately one of those very rare things which never happens... Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses couldn't determine what the problem was for a long time and I was feeling EVERY SINGLE contraction for awhile.... Needless to say, when the doctor starting talking about a c-section, I was ready to do whatever I had to do to get this little guy here and be done with the labor part of it!

We're slowly adjusting to life with a newborn and loving every minute of it. Drew has settled into being a daddy wonderfully and I'm loving watching him interact with Evan. We're just constantly in amazement at the beauty and miracle of life. God has blessed our little family richly... I've included some pictures that we've taken in the last couple of days and will try to update often.... Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers.... We definitely felt them throughout our pregnancy and stay in the hospital... We look forward to seeing everyone soon and introducing them to our little munchkin :)

In the operatng room- Our first look at our little guy!
Sleeping so soundly- always with his hands up by his face :)
Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Ream for the first time!
Meeting Grandpa Brad and Uncle Cal for the first time!!
First time meeting Aunt Laura (Ream)!
He loves to smile!!
Our sleeping beauty :)
Ten tiny little toes!
Holding Daddy's hand!

Mommy and Daddy love me sooo much!!!

We're so blessed!
Going home from the hospital!!


  1. Congratulations! Evan is adorable. Try to get some rest.

  2. i love the pictures. grandparents---can you stop smiling?????? laura---you are a beautiful aunt! he is so cute.

  3. Great pictures! Waiting to see one of Evan in some kind of Hoosier or Irish apparel. :)

    Nathan (and Ruth) Ehresman

  4. So glad you made it through and are home! We're of course thrilled for you both and looking forward to meeting Evan soon!

  5. Great pictures!!!!!! I am so glad to be able to see them. We will get over soon to see you and Evan.

    Love you,


  6. So glad you are home and enjoying your little miracle! He is such a handsome little guy!
    Kasie and Jon Milk