Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update from Doctor's Appointment...

We have another week of waiting (that is, unless our little guy should decide to make his entrance before then).... The good news- Baby Baker is still passing all of the non-stress tests and his heart rate is still great.....The disappointing news- My doctor said that he just doesn't think I'm ready enough to induce labor this week. He is afraid that he will induce and then I won't progress and he'll either have to send me home or do a c-section (which we obviously don't want to happen)... He also said that he doesn't think that Baby Baker is as big as the ultrasound had predicted.... So we scheduled an appointment next Tuesday for another non-stress test and check-up and they will MOST LIKELY induce labor towards the end of next week if I haven't gone on my own by then... So that's the latest info for all of you who are wondering.... We'll keep you updated if anything changes!


  1. Aww... That's definately disappointing for you Ashley, but I have heard inducing too soon can cause a very slow progression in the labor process, so waiting another week might be a good idea. But I know that another week sounds like eternity, but who knows, little boy blue may come and meet you before then. Soon your discomfort will be all over!! Hang in there girl.

  2. We are praying for you! I'm sure it's getting pretty unbearable. =) Keep the updates coming!

  3. Ashley, Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!! I went on a hay ride the night before Trey was born. Maybe you should try off-roading? :)
    I look forward to seeing pictures of the newest member of your family.
    Love, Kelly

  4. Should we place bets on when little Baker man will arrive?

  5. Drew and Ashley:

    I read Kelly Bohm's blog and you know, we have a 4-wheeler you are welcome to come ride anytime, and lots of bumpy acres. Just give us a call.

    You are almost there. I know you want to meet him so badly you can hardly stand it. There are a whole bunch of us out here that love you and know you will go through this final step with flying colors and also can't wait to meet baby baker. I so enjoy your updates, although Grandma Charna keeps me up to date because she and Grandpa Brad can barely wait either.

    You have been such a wonderful pregnant mom I know you will do just as great a job as mommy when he arrives. Love (Great) Aunt Alieta