Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Playing Catch-Up!

It's been WAAAAY too long since I've updated this blog!  Spare time has been a rarity these days!  We have been super busy with fun family things in the past few weeks and my blog has kind of fallen by the wayside...  For those of you awaiting Zoe's birthday pictures, you are in luck!  She had 2 Elmo birthday parties (one with our closest friends and one with family).  They were both super fun and it was a blast celebrating such a special little girl.  Here are some of Zoe's birthday pictures, in no particular order!!
This girl LOVES nee-nees (aka horses)!
Princess Tiana doll!
Reading the cards with mommy...
Getting ready to make a mess...
Blowing out the candles!
Happy girl :)
Family photo- with Evan the crazy construction worker!
Waiting for the guests to arrive....
Trying on her new Elmo backpack
Yay for Minnie Mouse!
So blessed to celebrate such a special occasion with such a special little girl.....  I can't believe she's been home over a year already!! 

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