Monday, May 14, 2012

Best Mothers Day EVER!

Yesterday was wonderful.  Drew and the kids really spoiled me all day and I couldn't believe how emotional and weepy I was.  For someone who is extremely emotional anyways, yesterday was such an emotional day!  From thinking about my mom and my grandmas and the example that they have been to me to waking up to the sounds of Drew feeding both kiddos breakfast and their giggles and voices was just extra special yesterday.  And then while sitting in church holding precious little Zoe and remembering what last year's Mothers Day was like was just too much for me and I was a puddle of tears.  I remember last year longing to have BOTH of my babies in my arms, wondering what little Zoe was doing halfway around the world and praying so hard that she would be home soon with her forever family.  I was just so overwhelmed with the thought of how blessed I am that God hand-picked both Evan and Zoe to call ME "mommy" and that I get the honor of raising them and loving them everyday.  But I couldn't help but think all day about 2 very special women in Ethiopia- one who gave birth to sweet Zoe and the other who made the toughest decision ever- to relinquish her to an orphanage.  I can't even imagine such loss and I am forever grateful for the choices they made and that God chose ME to be the one to be Zoe's MOM.  I know I say it all the time- but...  Adoption is SUCH a beautiful thing.  I am reminded everyday when I look into my precious Zoe's face how amazing adoption truly is and how grateful I am that God called us on this journey.  And now...  here are some pictures of our little 18 month old!  Lindsey always does such a great job capturing her personality and these are only a few of my favorites.   ENJOY!

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