Monday, November 7, 2011

Orphan Sunday!

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday.  We took Zoe to church for the first time, although we didn't pass her around, leave her in the nursery, etc.  In fact, she ate and slept during most of the service.  I couldn't help but think as I was holding my precious sleeping baby in my arms about the difference a year can make.  I vividly remember praying during church on Orphan Sunday last year that 2011 would be the year we would have our precious little one home and with her forever family.  Little did I know that across the world was a baby girl ONLY DAYS OLD orphaned and in need of a family.  We wouldn't see her sweet face until the following April and know that SHE was the one meant for our family.  Yes, we are SO blessed with THIS baby whom we KNOW that God meant for our family.

And oh how thankful we are that our sweet Zoe now has a

MOMMY who LOVES to snuggle her,

a DADDY who LOVES to tickle her,

and a BIG BROTHER who ADORES her and just CANNOT GET ENOUGH of her,

and LOTS of other family and friends who love her SO MUCH!

And as full and happy as my heart was yesterday, I couldn't help but be broken and sad for the MILLIONS of orphans around the world waiting on their forever families too.  So many kids who don't know the snuggles of a mommy, the tickles of a daddy, or the love of a big brother.  I pray that they are comforted today and that they will SOON have a forever family...  Are YOU the forever family of an orphan somewhere around the world?  My prayer continues to be that He would break my heart for the things that break His.  And I pray yours would be the same... 

More updates on our Zoe soon!  Things are going so well and it's hard to believe she's only been home for about a week and a half.  It seems like she's been a part of our family for FOREVER!


  1. I ran across your blog and wanted to find out more about your decision to move from Holt to West Sands. My email is

  2. I thought the same thoughts on thankful to have our girls in our arms, but still heartbroken for the children left behind. Glad Zoe is doing so well! We took the girls to Sunday school for the first time last week--went great....whew! :-)

  3. Beautiful, Ashley. Beautiful Ashley.