Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Fall!!

Well, I wish I had WONDERFUL news to post, but unfortunately I don't.   
And yet, while we've waited the past 4 months since we first traveled and met our Zoe, we have seen God countless times.  On Thursday, we took Evan over to my parent's house for a couple of hours so we could pray and talk together.  After spending some time in prayer, I had to go get my hair cut real quick.  As I was driving there, I saw a BEAUTIFUL rainbow in the sky.  And I started sobbing.  I KNOW He is in this.  And I KNOW His plans and timing are perfect.  And oh how I'm trying to trust and remain hopeful.  We have been stretched and have grown in so many ways since we started this journey last July.  And I know that someday we will look back on this as a distant memory.  But oh how we miss our baby and want her home. 
 On a happier note, this past weekend was the Apple Festival in our town and Evan also had another soccer game.  I so enjoy watching him and the other kids on the team.  Drew has done such a great job with all the kids and it's been so fun to see them improve and have fun while they are learning.  Evan's cousin Hailey and aunt Laura came home from Chicago for the Apple Festival and got to watch Evan's game.  He was oh so happy to have more fans! 
Trying to kick that ball!
Just a little distracted by all his fans :)
E and Hailey :)
One of the kids on our team....  I'm telling you- it's SOO entertaining to watch at this age :)
Making goofy faces at his fans when he should be paying attention to the game.  Not sure what he was trying to do with his hands... Maybe a thumbs up??
Evan, Daddy, and Uncle Cal
We also spent some time helping make the caramel apples for the Baker's booth at the festival.  E helped Cal put the sticks in the apples before they were rolled in the caramel and nuts.

Pure delicious-ness...  I LOVE this time of year- it's so much fun spending time with the Baker family and making caramel apples all weekend.  I'm so very blessed to have married into such a wonderful family.
E talking to Grandpa while he was working at the festival... 
Hanging out with friends Jack and Macy at the festival...  Great weekend...  Can't help thinking that next year we WILL have another little person at the festival with us...  We love you sweet Zoe and will be there AS SOON as we can!!