Friday, April 15, 2011

While we wait...

We've been keeping busy while we wait to hear about our court date (the first time we travel).  We should know within a few weeks exactly when we will be meeting our little Zoe girl!  Here is a glimpse of what's been keeping us busy.  Evan had his first dentist appointment and did extremely well...

  Thanks to Mel (Drew's cousin) for making his first dentist experience a positive one!
I think the Usborne book about going to the dentist and taking Spot (his dog in his lap) also helped!

 Drew and I also got some of our travel vaccinations this past week.  Who knew our arms would be so sore (the tetanus ones were the worst!)??
 Evan and I went to an Easter party with all kinds of crafts and an egg hunt this past week.  So much fun!
 I think I've been doing a little nesting.  I cleaned out Evan's closet and moved the "too small" clothes to the basement and got out his summer ones.  Oh how I love an organized closet!  In the process, we also found this
 dragon costume from Halloween last year and he spent a couple days wearing it NONSTOP.  One morning this week he walked into our bedroom at 7:00 wearing it and roaring at us. Too cute :)
 Our lifegroup is studying this book and we are LOVING it.  DEFINITELY changes your perspective . I would sooo recommend this to anyone wanting to be challenged in their faith. 
We also went to a wedding in Indy last weekend.  Evan had soo much fun!  Loved this picture of Cal, E, and Drew!
And lastly, all the playing we've been doing and fun we've been having tuckers a little guy out.  He's been napping much more regularly during his rest time.  Love this little guy so much...

Although the waiting is so much harder now that we've seen Zoe's picture and totally fallen in love, we are trusting in God's perfect timing and trying to soak up every minute with little Evan.  Things will definitely change around our house once Zoe comes home! 

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