Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and Project Life

Happy New Year everyone!  We are so excited at our house about what this next year will hold for our little family.  Can't wait to see what God has in store for us....  Hopefully this time next year we will have a new addition to our family!! Well, along with the new year I have decided to tackle a new scrapbooking project.  I've always LOVED scrapbooking, but have never done this kind of scrapbooking before.  I've considered it in previous years, but decided to go ahead and do it this year.  It helps that there are a dozen or so women from Pathway that are doing it alongside of me.  We will be meeting monthly to work on our albums and hang out and I'm super excited about it!  The album I'm doing is called PROJECT LIFE by Becky Higgins.  See link to her website where it shows the kit here.  It's basically a scrapbook/journal with a picture in it for each day of the year.  Along with each day's picture is a place for you to journal about the day.  I love that it gives me more of an opportunity to journal and tell our family's story than my typical scrapbooks do (I tend to scrapbook bigger events and happenings in our life rather than the day-to-day things).   The kit includes everything you need to get started on your album and you basically just put it all together and you're ready to go.  So far this week, I've had a tough time deciding which pictures to use for each day (I've taken so many fun ones- it helps that I love using my new camera).  We'll see how long this enthusiasm lasts ;)  The pictures below are a few of the ones I've chosen to use for this week... 

 We got back on the "preschool at home" bandwagon this week after a short hiatus during the holidays.  So far we've talked about Adam and Eve, the letter "A", sang lots of fun songs, and we've done lots of fun crafts.  Both Evan and I enjoy it so much! 
For Drew's birthday on New Year's Eve, Evan and I planned to make his favorite stuffed mushrooms for him.  But as it turned out we were so busy that day (and the day after) that we didn't get to it until a few days after his birthday.  But E and I had so much fun making them and Drew definitely enjoyed eating them!!

Who knew that Evan would be outside riding his bike on New Years Day??  He really enjoyed getting on his bike again and had to wear Papa's helmet so that it would fit over his hat :)  This was probably the last time for this bike- I'm sure he'll be big enough to ride his new bike this summer.  Makes me sad that he's growing up so fast, but it's oh so much fun too!!

Well, we are off to Sesame Street Live tonight!  I hope to take lots of fun pictures to post on here soon.  Evan is so excited!

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