Monday, October 4, 2010

Biometrics Appointments- The Good News and The Bad News

Well, here's the good news first:

We received our biometrics appointments!  For those of you unfamiliar with international adoption, this is all a part of the USCIS paperwork we are waiting on in order to submit our dossier.  You submit your application, and then receive an appointment date and time for your fingerprinting.  We knew that our appointments would be at one of two places (both about 2 hours from our house) and that we would have to drop whatever we may have planned that day to make our appointments. 

And now for the bad news:

We received 2 different appointment times!  Drew's appointment is 3:00pm on a Monday and mine is at 3:00pm on a Tuesday.  Seriously?!?  So, needless to say, we will be making 2 trips...  I tell you what- this adoption stuff is not for the faint of heart!! 

And more good news:

Once our biometrics are approved, we should receive the approval form, submit our dossier, and then officially be waiting for our daughter!! 

Thanks again for all the prayers..  We appreciate the support so much!!


  1. Whoa,
    I have never heard of that before! If you both go the first day, I am almost sure that they will fit you both in. Jon and I actually showed up once a day early b/c we were in the Grand Rapids area and because there weren't a lot of people, they let us have a whole new appointment time. I don't know though...How annoying but glad you have an appt!

  2. Wow, all this is happening so quickly!! Can't wait Ash!