Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy at the Baker House!

We've been pretty busy around our house the last couple of weeks- sorry for the lack in posting... A couple of weekends ago we went to Chicago to help Rob's family get settled in their new home.. And then we've been busy with normal holiday get-togethers, decorating and getting the house ready for Christmas, holiday shopping, and now I'm trying to make sure I have all my bases covered to get ready for Laura's wedding and her shower that I'm hosting this weekend. I haven't taken too many pictures lately, but here are some of the ones I've taken....
Evan snuggling with Hailey on Thanksgiving... She bribed him with Skittles :)
He was so intrigued by the binoculars... And this is how he thought he was supposed to use them... He was making us all laugh :)
Ty reading a book to Evan on Thanksgiving.... Evan LOVES his cousins! And they are so good with him :)
Cheesing it up in front of Ma and Papa's Christmas tree...
Evan's new playroom in the basement.... We still need to finish off the ceiling and install the wood flooring, but then it'll be all finished.... He LOVES to play down there!!
The new shelving my Grandpa Dale built for Evan... And then Drew and I painted it... Now the room doesn't look quite so crowded!
Standing in front of the Christmas tree in our basement... We decided to do 2 trees this year... I'll try and get a picture of the other one on here soon :)
Playing with Play-doh in the basement... One of his most favorite activities lately!
More Play-doh!

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