Monday, March 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!!

We had a great weekend here at the Baker house... Friday night we went to family swim at the YMCA and had lots of fun.... Evan didn't know what to think with me in the pool with him. Daddy is usually the one in the pool. Evan continues to progress each time we take him swimming although we still have a ways to go. Who knows- we could have a little fishy one day who LOVES to swim!! Saturday we just hung around the house until the evening when we went out to dinner with a family from our church.... Sunday was my birthday- the big 27! We celebrated with lunch at my parent's house and then as a family the rest of the day. Drew didn't let me do much of anything around the house yesterday and just let me relax. It was a great weekend with family...

Oh, and my birthday gift from Drew??? A mystery getaway in the next couple of months- just the 2 of us! He wouldn't tell me when or where we're going, so who knows what he has up his sleeve... I'm excited thinking about it- this will be our first time away from Evan overnight!

I keep forgetting to post these pictures... Evan's Great-Grandpa Dave was down on the floor playing with the kids a couple of weeks ago when the Baker family all got together. This was Evan's first experience with Play-Doh and he loved it!
Great-Grandpa Dave and Evan...
Happy boy!!
Sitting on the floor with his monkey and watching his movie- I love how he always has his legs crossed... Too cute :)
Such a ham!
Giving mommy kisses over his table... He's been so into giving hugs and kisses lately.... There's nothing better than that :)
Playing on the floor with Aunt Laura and John!

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