Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swim Lessons!

We have been taking Evan to swim lessons every Saturday. He has been doing the parent/child classes with Daddy (Mommy isn't much of a swimmer and this is a good thing for Evan to do with Daddy)... To say that he is doing better is quite the understatement. We still don't see many smiles out of him, but at least he's not screaming bloody murder like he did the first time. He can even see me on the side now without freaking out and reaching for Mommy... I know this might not seem like a big deal to lots of people, but he's really come a long way... We're so proud of our little man...
About as close as we get to a smile during swim lessons!!
Swim lessons with Daddy...
Watching Praise Baby with Aunt Laura (or as Evan says- Aunt WarWa)....

My little boy looks so grown up!

Smile!! When we tell Evan to smile, this is what he does. So cute :)
Helping himself to the crackers in the pantry... little stinker!

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  1. Wow he is getting so big huh. Before too long he is going to be asking for the car keys.

    So we need to get together soon, Talk to Beth or have Drew call me sometime. We will bring the family to Kendalville some weekend in the near future.