Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's Into Everything!!

Well, things have sure gotten exciting around our house... Evan is officially "toddling" around and into absolutely everything!! We've had to do some additional babyproofing in the last week.... He keeps us on our toes, but we love watching him discover and learn new things everyday...Here are some pictures of the little man in action this past week... I'm going to try and upload a video in the next day or so of him making his animal sounds... We've still got a little work to do, but he knows the cow and sheep pretty well now...
I love how he's figured out how to stand on his tippy toes... He's doing everything to reach my camera case...
And he reached it! Oh, and in case you're wondering- we don't usually let him run around the house naked, but he's so hard to change anymore... He just won't sit still for a minute!!

Walking in his new Air Jordan running suit... Thanks Grammy and Grampy!!
It's funny that my parents bought him this because Drew always calls him Jordan- he always has his tongue out when he's playing... It's too cute!!
He's really thinking about the tower he's building....
I love his expression in this one... :)
This boy LOVES to read!!
Big smiles!! Funny story- Evan has had this farm since his first birthday in August and I never knew that it actually made the animal sounds until we were at our friends' house this weekend in Indy and his farm was making noises.... Drew has been teasing me that I was so anxious to start playing with Evan's toys that I didn't read the instructions and put batteries in it...Thanks Elias for showing us how the farm works!!

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