Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Update!!

Sorry for not posting lately, but we've been soo busy these past couple of weeks. The new house has been consuming ALL of our time. It ended up being a little more of a fixer-upper than we had initially thought and we're trying to get as much done before moving day as possible. We're basically painting the whole upper floor and redoing all of the light fixtures and flooring (which wasn't originally planned). But needless to say, when all of this work is done, we'll pretty much have a new house! And then we'll start working on the basement......... Overall things are going well and we're making more and more progress each day thanks to all of the help we've had from our wonderful families.....

And for the really big news- EVAN has starting crawling in the last couple of weeks!!!! Well, at least his version of crawling. He hasn't actually lifted himself up off the ground yet, but he's definitely figured out how to get his arms and legs moving forward. It's amazing how quickly he's picked it up and how he has all of a sudden forgotten that he knows how to roll. Now he scoots everywhere.... I'm starting to realize that this is going to make the moving process even more difficult now that he's on the go, but we'll make it through!!!

So many of you have told us you've been praying for us during this transition period. You don't know how much we appreciate it... Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.... I'll try to update soon with pictures, but I really haven't even stopped to take too many of them these past few weeks!!

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