Monday, November 12, 2007

He's Growing So Fast!!

It's so hard to believe that Evan is already 11 weeks old!! He's just growing like a weed :) He's already wearing 6-9 month clothes... It seems like everyday he's doing something new and exciting.... He's now starting to coo and "talk" to us all the time... He's also starting to really smile and interact a lot... We're just loving life and loving being parents to our little Evan....
He's starting to like his Bumbo seat!
On our way to church!
All of this playing can tucker a little boy out!
Happy dreams!
Looking all handsome in his hooded sweatshirt!
Lounging in the recliner :)
Laying in mommy's arms!!


  1. oh my goodness, that picture of him in your arms is PRECIOUS!!!! he is a beautiful little boy. :)
    hope you all are doing well! it seems as though you are!!

  2. The little bumbo seat is great.

    Is it true that Evan is a Purdue Boilermaker fan?

  3. I love this last picture of him when he is in your arms. What a precious little boy. Don't you just LOVE it?!

  4. What a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing the pictures! :) Julie

  5. Evan is such a handsome fella! I'm overjoyed by all the blessings your family have experienced. You deserve every single one of them! Thank you for sharing these pics with us. Happy THanksgiving!
    Love, Kasie Milk