Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weight Check- He's a Big Boy!

Well, Tuesday Evan went to the doctor for a weight check.... He'll be 4 weeks old on Saturday and he's already 10 pounds, 11 ounces!! He's a little piggy!! Needless to say, we're not at all worried about Evan eating enough.... He's going to be a big boy! I just love squeezing his chubby little cheeks....

In other news, Evan is a very content baby with the exception of the late evening.. He always tends to be fussy until we can get him to stay asleep in his crib... We've tried everything to get him to sleep better from about 8:00 pm until about midnight, but he just doesn't seem to have the difference between days and nights figured out yet... Our doctor says it will just kind of happen on its own and we need to be patient, but we're definitely open to suggestions if anyone has any... Here's some new pictures to tide you all over..... I know, I know.. I've not been very good about updating this blog on a regular basis- I'll try to do better!!Thanks Will and Chris for the cool IU outfit!!
My little munchkin!
First bottle with daddy...
Tummy time on the floor- he loves sucking on those hands!
Working on those neck muscles!!
It's tough being a baby!!

Kicking his little legs!
Loving the boppy pillow!!
Isn't my little man just so cute?

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  1. Wonderful pictures!!!! I can't wait to see Evan and give him a big hug!!!